The killer app for Tesla, Tesla cars, the whole Tesla ecosystem is not really the electric car thing, nor is it the supercharging network. Rather, the artificial intelligence and the computer vision and sonar and radar which allows it to become fully self driving, fully autonomous.

For example, the other day driving from LA to Orange County, about 50 minutes there, 50 minutes back — in total, close to two hours just for a simple family New Year’s dinner.

What was very concerning was on the drive there, I was already a bit sleepy, tired, difficult to focus when driving on the five, the 405, trying to keep in my lane and in traffic.

Then feasting on beef ribs, deep-fried beef intestines, driving back with mild food coma — having to crack the window up and down, pinch my ears and squeeze my thighs just to stay awake.

Simple thought: if a Tesla, even the simple $12,000 full self driving upgrade can save your life, it might be the best $12,000, $50,000 you ever spend in your life!

In other words:

Driving a Tesla can save your life, the life of your wife, your kids etc.

This is something that money *cannot* buy— to reverse your own personal death, and even more critical — the life of your kids and wife.

Honestly, the worst possible thing that could happen to you is not your own personal death, but the death of your child. I would sacrifice my own personal life in a heartbeat to save the life of Seneca. Why? He is my progeny; he is only three years old, and has his whole life to live. I have already led a full life, I would not really be so upset trading my life to save his.


The ideal is you have a full self driving car, and you’re also 100% present. You don’t want to just put the car on 100% auto pilot full self driving, and watch a video on YouTube or something. The best approach is a hybrid centaur approach:

100% human supervision, and also having the machine the AI help assist you.