Capital Thinking

Thinking about capital, capitalism, capital recruitment, stacking capital capital etc.

Bitcoin is digital capital

The first thought: bitcoin is true digital capital.

Wealth is a mental thing?

The second thought:  assuming that bitcoin is the first true digital money and capital, then what that means is money and wealth becomes a mental construct.

For example, let us say that I have 1 million, 1.2 million, 10 million, 100 million worth of bitcoin in my personal crypto wallet. Intelligent thing is to buy and hold it forever, as the value of it will go up indefinitely for the next 1,000 years.  in fact, the wise goal is to use bitcoin like digital real estate; imagine owning a block in the middle of Manhattan or Tokyo, you will never want to give it up. You will fight to the nail to hold it, because you’re thinking very very long-term; thinking your kids kids kids.

According to Michael, optimal strategy is to actually use your bitcoin as collateral, to borrow against your bitcoin, at a low interest rate, and use that to finance your lifestyle which means just paying rent your food etc.


This is a big thing I’ve been thinking about a lot; more and more, I’m becoming even more financially conservative, conserving my money and wealth, not spending it.

The makes is in regards to muscle. Let us see that I am 160 pounds of pure muscle, with a 5% body fat percentage, six pack and all. The worst thing for a weightlifter or a bodybuilder is to lose muscle mass.

Let us say that you buy that thing. Or the thing or whatever; imagine like losing 5 pounds of muscle mass, 10 pounds of muscle mass, or even worse, 20 pounds of muscle mass.

The goal of the weightlifter and bodybuilder is accretive; to continue to accumulate muscle mass, indefinitely.

For example if I am 160 pounds of muscle, ideally I would want to become 165 pounds, 170 pounds, 175 pounds, 180 pounds, eventually 200 pounds, 220 pounds with a 6 pack. 

Certainly there are limits to growth; for example, me at 5‘11“ tall, I think the laws of physics prohibits me from becoming 400 pounds with the 5% body fat, assuming I don’t inject my eyeballs with steroids. Even with steroids it might be impossible. 

Even some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time like Ronnie Coleman; even if he took all the steroids in the world, he cannot become 1000 pounds of muscle mass with a 6 pack.

Limits of growth?

I think this is a primary fallacy in Silicon Valley and beyond; people assumed that all growth is good, and that growth is a good progression.

However the problem here is that often when things become too big, they become fragile, and a positive detriment to your life and lifestyle.

For example, let us say that you buy an eight bedroom eight bath mentioned somewhere in Malibu. Can you imagine trying to clean all those toilets yourself?

Even if you had an army of housekeepers, the constant fear that they’re stealing your stuff, not working hard enough, or being sloppy.

Even the thought yesterday when vacuuming my house with my new Dyson, even in our relatively small two bed one bath apartment, keeping things clean and vacuuming daily is a full-time job. Let alone imagining having to mow the lawn deal with landscaping etc.

Lifestyle “upgrade”?

Don’t think lifestyle think bodystyle.

What is my vision of body style?

First, what your body looks like. There are certain things you cannot change like your height; but beyond that everything is fungible.

For example, your body fat percentage and your muscle mass percentage. These are things you could control.

The easiest way to lose body fat is to start fasting intermittent fasting; breakfast no lunch, only dinner. One insanely massive dinner a day, aim for 3 to 4 pounds of meat.

The greatest thing about this approaches that is free; intermittent fasting is free! It doesn’t cost anything, and also, you save money!

Also, beyond that you save time. For example, the time having to prepare breakfast and lunch, cleaning up, even going out and having to pay seems like a bad idea.

If you are a true Silicon Valley entrepreneurial nut like myself, intermittent fasting makes sense because you remain in peak physical and physiological energy throughout the whole day, without the drowsy food, downside of eating lunch.

In fact, whenever I tell people that I do interment fasting that I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, only dinner, it is actually a very impressive thing to most people. And then people say that it is not “sustainable”, and then I tell them that I’ve been doing it the last six years. And that is very easy. Then people say that it is not possible for them, which essentially means “I don’t want to do it.” But it is a physical, physics based fact that any human being, who is beyond the age of 18 and full adult maturity, would benefit from intermittent fasting. Even the elderly. I think the only people who should not do intermittent fasting is children under the age of 18.

Intermittent fasting could get rid of most people with Alzheimer’s, chronic elements, obesity and weakness etc. And also getting into intermittent fasting could actually get rid of type two diabetes.

And the hilarious thing is there is no risk to intermittent fasting. Like you won’t die. The average human being could probably go 90 days without food, as long as they drink water, you won’t die.

Fat is an organic battery supply for the human body. As long as you have belly fat, fed on your stomach or thighs or whatever, your body will be able to drop on that energy. The human body is not like an automobile gasoline car– no, you do not need to eat something to “fuel” your work out or your physical activity. You could just actively draw it from your fat supply. 

Why stack capital?

Rich people stack capital don’t spend it?

“White people make money don’t spend it, but I’d rather buy 80 gold chains and go ignant (ignorant)”– Kanye West

The ethos of the capitalist and capitalism is to keep accumulating capital for the sake of capital, and the whole ethos of the thing is to keep stacking capital indefinitely.

Stay humble and stack sats (Satoshis, the micro division of a Bitcoin) – Michael Saylor

This seems bizarre to most people. Why? I think for the average worker bee or plebeian in capitalist American society or the western world is to work hard, save money in order to invest it, or in order to spend it.

For example, even to the average “responsible” person, the ethos is to “save up” money to buy a house, etc.

But I wonder how much of this line of thinking is just propaganda that people have not given a critical think about?

Power accumulation?

My personal thought is perhaps the goal here is actually power accumulation.

If we take a “Will to Power” Friederich Nietzsche approach, the sake of power is to use your power to keep accumulating it.

For example, the ethos of the powerlifter is to keep accumulating more and more power, which is typically personified through his or her one repetition maximum, the maximum total weight he or she could lift for a certain lift. 

We also see this in the realm of cars. For example, for men it seems like a big dick measuring contest; whose car has more horsepower? Whose car goes from 0 to 60 faster? Whose car is bigger? Whose car is more lifted off the ground? Whose car is louder?

Obviously the cybertruck is the big swinging silver dick in the room. 2.6 second 0-60 speed for cyber beast. For example, even the Porsche 911 Turbo hybrid has only a measly 2.9 second 0 to 60; the cyber beast can crush it.  not only that, but the cyber truck is bigger, better, more dominant, more impressive.

What is more impressive than a cyber truck? Nothing.

Even kids, they love the cybertruck above everything else. Lamborghini is done. 

For what

The first general thing is freedom. Freedom of time, schedule, mind space etc. What is a simple heuristic of whether you are free or or not? Whether you could go 2 years without checking your email or using email. Or whether you can live without owning a phone.

Also, when you’re in a position in which you no longer need to accept money. 

What loser Marxists don’t get 

For the most part, I think Karl Marx was a loser, and anybody who followed him is also a loser. 

It seems that it is the imperative of the week in powerless to spite and hate those with power. For example, the sheep in the land will forever resent the eagle, whereas the eagle doesn’t really care; the eagle simply enjoys feasting on those delicious little lambs. 

Constructive and positive change

The world is big enough and tolerant enough, for almost everything. Rather than trying to tear things down, far better to be constructive of things.

For example, just leave other people alone, and focus on building what you got.

For example, I find this whole notion of repatriation a bizarre one. Certainly land has been stolen from anyone and everyone; but for the victor to give land back to the defeated, is a law that doesn’t work in physics. 

Personal goals

For example, nobody’s putting a gun to your head and forcing you to work that job you hate, or forcing you to subscribe to Netflix, Spotify, Disney, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

Also, nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to spend money on shoes, clothes accessories etc.

Nonnegotiables in life like paying rent, buying food. But nobody is forcing you to purchase and smoke marijuana, or having to consume alcohol.

People know that it is option that you don’t have to drink alcohol? That even if you meet up friends for a bar, you could just order a sparkling water or a Perrier, or maybe even a cup of coffee instead? 

Also, nobody is forcing you to live in America. People always love to complain that the cost-of-living is too high that rent is too expensive. But don’t you know that you could live in a very nice apartment in Vietnam or Cambodia or Thailand for only $300 USD a month? And most people who don’t have children, and also maybe not married, you have a choice to leave.


So some simple thoughts:

1. The most critical capital is your body capital.

Let us also not forget that the word comes from the notion “caput”– cap, head. That back in the ancient days of the Iliad and king Agamemnon, a head of cattle was the sign of wealth.  even when describing Athena, and she is described as having hundreds of golden tassels, each tassel being worth 100 head of cattle, you can get a sense of what real wealth was. 

My very simple thought is the most critical thing to build or invest in is your body. Using money for health fitness dietary stuff, food, gym membership or yoga membership etc. Even purchasing your own weightlifting equipment. This is by far the best use of money.

2. Location

Also, the biggest privilege in Los Angeles is which neighborhood you live in. For example living in Culver City, my extreme privilege and joy of having the ability to just walk everywhere without having to jump into a car. This is why we pay $3200 USD a month for rent.